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Panettone Cereali e Uvetta

Soft, rich in cereals, naturally good

An original recipe, an antique method to create an incredibly soft dough enriched by a blend of light flax, sunflower and millet seeds, rye and oat flakes.
A Panettone created to satisfy the taste of the most authentic simplicity.

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Panettone without candied citrus fruit peels, with sultanas and cereals mix - naturally leavened oven baked cake.
Wheat flour - Sultanas 17% - Butter - Sugar - Fresh egg yolk - Cereals mix 8.5% (in variable proportions: decorticated sunflower seed, light linseed, millet seeds, rye flakes, oat flakes) - Natural yeast (contains wheat) - Invert sugar - Emulsifying agent: mono-diglycerides of fatty acids - Whole fresh pasteurized milk - Salt - Natural flavours.
May contain traces of nuts and soya.

Nutrition declaration

Average value for 100 g

1541 kJ | 367 kcal
14,0 g
of which saturates
8,5 g
52,0 g
of which sugar
25,0 g
6,5 g
0,4 g
Panettone Cereali e Uvetta - I Classici con Brio - Maina
Over two days of natural leavening
Over 8 hours of natural cooling upside down
Only genuine ingredients


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