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Cioccolato Rum

Intense and refined combination

Soft Colomba cake, soaked in Rhum and filled with a tasty dark chocolate cream, to be sprinkled with icing sugar for the final touch.
An irresistible temptation for the joy of gluttons.

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Colomba filled with chocolate cream and rum syrup, with icing sugar - naturally leavened oven baked cake.
Wheat flour - Chocolate cream 16% (Glucose-fructose syrup, Water, Chocolate 20% [Powdered cocoa, Sugar, Cocoa butter] corresponding to 3.2% of total ingredients, Sugar, Dextrose, Butter, Alcohol, Thickener: Pectin, Flavours) - Fresh eggs - Sugar - Butter - Rum syrup 8% (Water, Sugar, Alcohol, Rhum distillate 1.6% corresponding to 0.1% of total ingredients, Caramelized sugar) - Whole fresh pasteurized milk - Natural yeast (contains wheat) - Emulsifying agent: Mono-diglycerides of fatty acids - Salt - Fructose - Flavours.
May contain traces of nuts and soya.
INGREDIENTS PACKET ICING SUGAR (2%): Sugar - Wheat starch - Flavours.

Nutrition declaration

Average value for 100 g

1669 kJ | 374 kcal
16,0 g
of which saturates
10,0 g
50,0 g
of which sugar
25,0 g
6,5 g
0,40 g
Cioccolato Rum - Le Golosone - Maina


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