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Il Gran Nocciolato

A delicate speciality

The classic Milanese low baked Panettone interpreted by the Piedmontese tradition, extraordinarily soft, especially unique.
Naturally leavened for more than two days with pure Mother Yeast, it is covered with a crunchy handcrafted hazelnut glaze.

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Panettone coated with hazelnuts frosting - naturally leavened oven baked cake.
Wheat flour - Sultanas - Egg yolk - Candied citrus fruits peels (Orange and citron peels, Glucose-fructose syrup, Sugar) - Raw cane sugar - butter - natural yeast (contains wheat) - glucose-fructose syrup - invert sugar syrup - emulsifiers: mono-and di-glycerides of fatty acids - Sunflower lecithin; Barley malt - Salt - Flavouring agents.
Ingredients of hazelnuts frosting 8%: Sugar - Egg white - Hazelnuts 12% corresponding to 1% of total ingredients - Almonds - Kernels - Rice flour.
May contain traces of soya. Keep the product in its own packing and in a cool place.

Nutrition declaration

Average value for 100 g

1575 kJ | 375 kcal
15,0 g
of which saturates
8,0 g
53,0 g
of which sugar
34,0 g
7,0 g
0,35 g
Il Gran Nocciolato - Linea Prestige - Maina
Over two days of natural leavening
Over 8 hours of natural cooling upside down


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