Transparency, responsibility, and superior quality

SA 8000

Maina was the first confectionery company in the world and the first Italian Company in the food sector to obtain SA 8000 Social Accountability Certification.

The SA 8000 standard is a tool, based on international labour standards laid down by the ILO (International Labour Organisation) conventions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN 1948), and the Convention on the Rights of Children (UNICEF 1989).
This certification guarantees that Maina and all its suppliers respect all the norms relating to working conditions and human rights.
This standard specifically forbids any form of child labour or forced labour, and demands that the rules on health and safety in the workplace be complied with. It forbids discrimination against employees, ensures the right to free association, and forbids imposing unjust disciplinary action, working hours, and remuneration

For more information on the SA 8000 Social Accountability Standard, visit the website.

BRC Global Standard

The BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification guarantees that Maina respects the rules laid down by an association of the leading British Retailers, in relation to the way the company is managed with regard to the hygiene, healthiness and safety of food products.
This certification is gaining ever more widespread recognition internationally, even outside Great Britain, as a guarantee of extremely high quality of any finished product.