Sourdough “Mother Yeast” tradition

The ancient recipe demands that Panettone is made exclusively using natural sour dough, commonly known as “Mother Yeast”, a fermented dough made of water and wheat flour.
The microorganisms involved (mainly saccharomyces) are maintained following a rigorous procedure, and develop under conditions that are monitored continuously. 
Our Mother Yeast is a live organism that has been reproducing itself since 1964, the year our company was founded. It is in fact a real living organism that not only feeds on water and flour, but also "breathes" the air of the environment in which it lives, developing unique characteristics.
Using sour dough involves a process that requires great skills and a lot of care, so that small variations in the process can have a negative effect on the final quality of the product. Compared to other types of yeast, fermentation takes place in a much more gradual manner, requires many more hours but gives the possibility to obtain a product with much better characteristics.
The product obtained in this way is in fact a Panettone characterized by an extremely soft dough, with a typical porous texture, with a more pleasant and characteristic flavour.
Finally, thanks to the transformation of complex organic molecules into simpler ones due to the action of the micro-organisms in the dough, the product is easier to digest and lasts much longer, without using any preservative.

The fermentation process of the Mother Yeast gives Panettone the following qualities:

better aromatic characteristics
with the formation of complex and intense aromatic substances that have a rich, sweet and slightly sour taste.

better rise and softness of the dough
thanks to the gluten-based structure that forms during the kneading and leavening process and the production of carbon dioxide retained by the dough.

better preservation
as the higher acidity of the dough inhibits the growth of moulds and other micro-organisms, and because the very structure of the dough slows down its drying process.

better digestibility
especially thanks to the transformation of more complex substances into simpler ones and, therefore, easier for our body to assimilate.