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Delizie di Pasqua

Celebrating spring

A delicious slice and a sparkling toast to celebrate with taste.
The goodness of Gran Colomba Maina combined with the sweetness of the Cuvée Dolce Canti sparkling wine give Easter a special flavour.

Available sizes

Colomba La Gran Nocciolata 750 g Spumante Cuvée Dolce Canti 75 cl


Colomba – Naturally leavened oven baked cake
Wheat flour – Sugar – Candied orange peels (Orange peels, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Sugar) – Fresh eggs - Butter – Whole fresh pasteurized milk – Natural yeast (contains wheat) – Fresh egg white – AlmondsHazelnuts - Emulsifying agent: mono-diglycerides of fatty acids - Apricot kernels - Rice starch – Fructose - Salt - Rice flour - Natural flavours.
May contain traces of soya.

Cuvée Dolce Canti 75cl e
Vino Spumante Dolce alc. 9,5% vol.
Contains sulphites

Nutrition declaration

Average value for 100 g

1645 kJ | 392 kcal
16,0 g
of which saturates
9,5 g
54,0 g
of which sugar
25,0 g
6,5 g
0,4 g
Delizie di Pasqua - Le Strenne - Maina
Over two days of natural leavening
Over 8 hours of natural cooling upside down


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