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Pandoro senza lattosio

Soft and light

Moist and delicate naturally leavened Pandoro dedicated to all lactose intolerant people and made following the ancient and original baking tradition.

The product is prepared with selected butter with a low lactose content, so that the final lactose content is less than 0.01%.

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Pandoro - naturally leavened oven baked cake
Wheat flour, Fresh eggs, Sugar, Anhydrous Butter *, Natural yeast (contains wheat), Fructose, Emulsifying agent: Mono-diglycerides of fatty acids, Cocoa butter, Salt, Flavours.
May contain traces of nuts and soya.
INGREDIENTS PACKET ICING SUGAR (4%): Sugar, Wheat starch, Flavours.
*Butter in such quantities as to guarantee a residual lactose content of less than 0.01% in the finished product.

Nutrition declaration

Average value for 100 g

1742 kJ | 416 kcal
20 g
of which saturates
13 g
50 g
of which sugar
21 g
8,2 g
0,64 g
Pandoro senza lattosio - Senza Lattosio - Maina
Long natural leavening


Senza Lattosio

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